Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Talk About It

Okay everyone...I'm going to call this "Talk About it Tuesday".  I don't know if anyone else does anything like this on Tuesdays, but today I thought I would ask a question for everyone.

Here goes:  do you use CAFE/Daily 5 in your classroom?  I know that it is very effective in 1st and 2nd, but I don't know if it is workable in 3rd.  I took a class on it last summer and was ready to go...didn't work out so well.  Then I reread the book again this year, but once again I find it hard to implement with state testing at the third grade level. 

I'm also curious about Guided Math.  I'm reading that one now.  Sorry to ask a question and not share today, but I was just curious what you guys all do.

Tracey :)


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