Friday, August 3, 2012

Hall Pass Sign

I finished my hall pass chart.  I usually use a lanyard with my passes.  But my boys last year...I just gotta say I don't know what they did to that thing, but it is beyond repair.  I saw on Pinterest, as I'm sure you did, the cute hall pass signs that people have been making.  I decided to jump on the sign and mini clothespin bandwagon.

So here is how we made mine (we meaning my son and I).  First I bought the wooden star from Hobby Lobby.  It is thin enough so that I can clip the pins right to it.

We painted it yellow.

Then I wrote on it and put polka dot stickers on it to match my room decor.  I also hung a polka dot ribbon so that I can hang it up in my classroom.

The clothespins I Mod Podged, glitter, and Mod Podged again.  The glitter is staying on!  Love that idea.  Thank you to who ever figured that one out.  I used two blue for boys and two green for girls.  I also made a few extras, just in case.

And finally here is my completed sign. What do you think?  Didn't it turn out cute?  And no more bathroom germs!  YEAH!!


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