Friday, July 6, 2012

Tabletop Pocket Charts

I had to order my son the Toad from Mario for an early birthday present on Amazon.  And you know when you order something, you can’t just order one thing.  It would cost too much in shipping, right?  So I ordered a tabletop pocket chart from Learning Resources.  I didn’t really see the measurements because it said tabletop so I thought small enough to sit on a tabletopand it was only $15.00.

Then a couple days later, my husband needed a new battery for his computer.  I have the Amazon account, so he asked me to order for him.  Well, once again, you can’t just order one thingthink of the shipping costs.  So I ordered another one of the tabletop pocket charts.  I thought since I have 3 tables in my room that would work out great.  And it was still only $15.00

So I get this HUGE box from Amazon.  I know it is not my son’s stuffed Toad from Mario because he is only 6 inches tall.  I know it’s not my husband’s battery because it’s not that big.  My son and I open the box that we could both fit into.  And what’s in the box???  Two HUGE tabletop pocket charts.  I mean look at the size of these.  And for $15.00???  Really??


Isn’t it awesome??  I just measured them and they are 20 inches tall and 24 inches wide.  They are too big for the small trapezoid tables in my room but I’ll use one for my rectangle table and I don’t know what for the other one. 

It’s so wonderful when you HAVE TO shop at it works out for the better! 

Happy shopping everyone! 


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