Monday, July 2, 2012

My Shopping

Okay, so I made a mistake and hit the Lakeshore Learning store in my area.  They have a nice sale going on.  I're going to tell me that their back-to-school sale starts July 5th so why in the world would I be shopping before the 5th.  Well, if anyone has a Lakeshore store near them or have ordered from them online, you will understand.  I really went in just to order a couple new common core things.  Next thing I know I'm walking out with all of this stuff.

 Small Group/Center Stuff - reading comprehension, geometry, and money
Fluency/History - reader's theaters for history

The good thing least I remembered to still place the order I originally went in for.  Yeah me!  Although I had to pay for these new things AND the order.  Oh well, just don't tell my husband!  :)

If you are looking for some things that sound like they would work with the common core, look at this:  
Reading Informational Text Common Core Standards Learning Center

Reading Informational Text Common Core Standards Learning Center FF614

I know that nonfiction and informational text is a big part of the common core in third grade and it is sometimes difficult for my students, so I thought this sounded good.  I'll let you know how it works out.  It also has one for language, reading fundamentals, and phonics, but I only ordered this one to see it in persont.

I also ordered these:

Solve & Check Math Sliders - Complete Set
Solve & Check Math Sliders - Complete Set DD820X
I want to read up some more this summer on guided math and maybe try it out this year.  So I thought these self-checking sliders that cover graphs, fractions, money, place value, and problem solving could work out for small group or centers, too.  I'll have to see once they come in.

Well, that's all my shopping for today.  It's too hot out here, it is really limiting my spending today!  


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