Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shopping and Student Check In

I went shopping AGAIN yesterday to WalMart and Target.  I gotta stay away from those places!  I finally got the dry erase pockets (Target) and the Scentos markers (WalMart).  And don't tell my husband, but I picked up a pair (okay I mean two pairs) of clearance shoes for $10.00.  I love a bargain!

Another bargain I got recently...I got a personal hot/cold laminator for using at home.  Are you ready for the price????  How about 19.97!  No really and it came with 40-8 1/2 x 11 pockets, 30-4 x 6 pockets, and 30-3x5 pockets!  I know right...what a great deal!  I got mine from my local Costco.  I've used it so much lately that I had to run to Lakeshore to buy more pockets (also on sale for 25% off).  I'm really going to have to start school soon to keep me out of the stores!

And now on to How are you feeling... 

When I teach something new to the class, I like to do a quick check-in on how they are feeling about the topic.  I made these cute posters that I put up on a wall in my classroom.  They say 1-I’m lost, 2-I’m a little stormy, 3-I’m a little cloudy, 4-I’m bright and confident.  Then I just ask the students to put up a finger that matches how they feel about the topic. 

Here are two of the posters I put up on the classroom wall.  There are two more that go with the set.

I have them put their heads down on their desks, so they can feel more comfortable telling me how they really feel without peer influence.  Then I can tell at a quick look where I go next.
The 3s and 4s would get independent work so that I could meet with my 1s and 2s.  This is such an easy way to check for understanding and by starting at the beginning of the year, the students really feel comfortable!  I’ve done different graphics, but the weather ones are the easiest for the students to recognize.  And ya gotta love Scrappindoodle graphics, once again!  I have this for sale on TPT if you are interested. 

I can't believe I am close to 100 followers.  I am so grateful to everyone.  I will be getting a giveaway ready...stay tuned!  :)



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