Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Made It

Happy Monday Made It!  I am linking up with Tara for my first Monday Made It Linky. 
I originally found these ideas on Pinterest, of course so here are the original ones from Pinterest.

The first one I will use for an exit strategy.  I will add a question at the top on some days where the children will have to add a sticky note on their student number to answer the question.  Like a reading strategy (name a trait that describes the main character) or a math question (show a number in expanded form).  Other days I will leave it open so the children can add anything they learned during the day.  I did a star theme since my school’s mascot is the All Stars. 

The second one I did was my Wonder Wall. I think it turned out cute.  I use a lot of polka dots in my classroom.  Found this border at WalMart for 88 cents!  I will use this for the students to put these up that they are wondering about.  This will help me see if I still have questions about a topic after I taught it.

I also made a really cute mystery themed clip chart.  It’s further down my blog 

Happy Monday everyone-



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