Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vocabulary Treasure Hunting In Action - Tried it Tuesday

I'm linking up with Holly again from Fourth Grade Flipper for her weekly Tried It Tuesday linky. 
I wanted to share how my Vocabulary Treasure was working out.  If you want to read my original post about how it works, click here and it will take you there.
The students fill out the form when they find a new or interesting vocabulary word.  They can choose a word from any subject area.  I then choose one each time and tape it to the board.

Here is a close up of the form they fill out.

They are really enjoying this.  It took awhile for them to want to fill out the forms.  Then I decided to bribe I mean entice them to fill it out by giving them a warm fuzzy and PBIS tickets.  Now they fill them out all the time!

It was a great way to get my kiddos more involved in vocabulary throughout the subject areas.  And I actually had to tell them they cannot fill out a paper WHILE I am teaching!  :)


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