Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tried It Tuesday Linky

I'm linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for her weekly Tried It Tuesday linky. 

This time I'm going to share what I do for Homework.  In my school district, starting in third grade, students loose points for not turning in homework.  If it is late one day, they loose 10 points off of the assignment.  If it is later than 1 day it is a 0. 

I don't usually take a grade for homework, but I do count it for a final grade each quarter.  In other words in each subject, if a student turned in all their homework they will receive 100 % for that subject for their homework grade.  If they miss one assignment during the quarter, they will receive a 90 and so on...

To motivate my students to turn in their homework, I use Super Homework Heroes.

This is my bulletin board where I have signs up for each quarter. 

This is a close up of the poster for the 1st quarter.

If a student missed no assignments for the quarter, they get 5 PBIS tickets and a reward card for a prize.  If they missed 1 assignment they receive 3 PBIS tickets.  And if they missed 2 assignments they receive 2 PBIS tickets.

This is really working!  My students want to be Super Heroes, so they want their name on this board. I also send home a note to their parents with their report cards to show them how many missing assignments they had. 

I use to just use a chart to mark off their missing assignments.  Now since I put up this bulletin board I have less missing assignments.  YEAH!

Now go link up.  There are so many wonderful bloggers who share their awesome tips!  :)


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