Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Made It - April Edition

I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her monthly Monday Made It. 

I wanted to share something that I made for organizing.  I use these bins from Lakeshore for center stuff and the tall ones from Michael's for my subject stuff.

Sort & Store Book Organizer
Lakeshore bins
I actually have two of these.

But I like my daily stuff to be organized as well.  So I made this to organize my Monday - Friday folders.


All I used was fabric, a dowel rod, and ribbon.  I used cute polka dot material to match my room theme.  I don't sew, so this isn't sewn, it is tied together with ribbons.

Here is what I did.  I put a file folder in the fabric to make sure the pocket was a little bit bigger than the folder.  I made 6 pockets:  Monday - Friday and then another one for Next Week.  I tied the sides together using the ribbon.  Then I folded the top over the dowel rod and tied that with ribbon as well.  I attached the same ribbon at the top to be able to hang it.

I put two removable hooks on the wall at school and hung it up.  I used heavy duty hangers so that I could really load this up.  I since those hooks are removable, if I change rooms again or want to change the location on it I can do it quick and easy!

Don't forget to link up.  Tara's linky will be up all month long!  


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