Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crazy Week...and It's Just Tuesday?????

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but this week is crazy!  I put my countdown up, so the kiddos must feel like they have to cram so much in since we only have 22 days left.  They were so talky yesterday and fast.  They would finish their work and run over to me asking..."Can I help you with anything?"  I mean it was great for all the offers of help, but after 15 minutes I ran out of things for them to do!  They finished their April free time work, their April scrapbook page, and their journals....really????  Bring on May!

Oh yeah....and I am in charge of planning a retirement party for a dear friend who is retiring this year.  The other person who was supposed to help me hasn't because she is busy with negotiations.  I have the party this Friday (cake buying, present buying, invitations, collecting money, etc...).  My oldest returns from college also on Friday (yes, I said Friday!) and my youngest son's communion is Saturday.  And...I am using up all my plan times making phone calls with insurance companies to try and settle my accident claim by the end of this week!

Oh my gosh my head is spinning!  So, I apologize for not blogging every day.  I will put up a real post soon...promise.  Thanks for hanging in with me!  :)


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