Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of the Year Countdown...Already????

Oh my goodness...where did the school year go?  I can't believe that I just put up my end of the year countdown.  I was sitting at my desk after school Friday thinking of pulling out some of my flower decorations.  We have had an AWFUL month of weather and I'm looking forward to May.  So as I'm pulling out flowers I see my end of the year stuff.  I think "Oh...I'll be needing that soon."  Then I decided to count the days...23 left!  Really?????  I was shocked.  I decided I better start decorating for the end soon before I have to pack it all up!

I wanted to share a picture of it with you.  I call it "Our Nutty Summer Countdown!"

We have 23 days left!  I use small numbers printed out on the computer for numbers 24-16.  Yes, I know I missed one already.  I guess I thought I had more days left!
 You can't really see it well in the picture, but I have a cute monkey cutout that the kids color.  I have them going all around the border.  The tree is a bulletin board set.  The big monkey I made myself.

Here is a picture of the coconuts that have bigger numbers 15-1.

So the kiddos will see this when they come in tomorrow morning!  They will love it!  How many days do you have left?


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