Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Catching title, huh?  Do you use THINK in your classroom?  I have it right above my alphabet line in the front of my classroom.  Some people asked me questions about it in my classroom reveal, so I thought I would explain it a little more.

THINK is a way to get your students to think before they speak.  Sometimes students are not very nice to each other, especially at recess.  So I use this strategy to help out with this with my students.

Here is what THINK stands for:

T = Is it TRUE
H = Is it HURTFUL?
I = Does it INSPIRE?
K = Is it KIND?

I use it to try and do away with the tattling and the hard words that some students have trouble with.
Here is a picture of my display.

I ask my students "Did you THINK when you said that?  It takes a little practice, but once the children follow this, I have very little tattling or hurtful words!  YEAH!  If you have any more questions about this strategy, just let me know!

Have a great evening!


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