Friday, August 17, 2012

Reading Workshop

Yesterday, I told you how I'm going to teach math using a math workshop approach.  Today I'm going to share my reading workshop approach.  It is pretty much the same.  I will start each day out by doing a skills warm up and then I will teach a whole class reading lesson. Then I will assign them an activity to do. Here is a picture of my Reading Workshop signs.

I have Read to Someone, Read to Self, Listen to Reading, Meet with the Teacher, Vocabulary, Word Work, and Writing.  I will eventually have my students pick their activity, but in the beginning I will choose it until I get a feel for their needs.

I did the same as my math chart...printed the signs out as a 6 slide on one page and used another wonderful $1.00 pocket chart from Target.  I have them hanging on my chalkboard with the purple reading one on top and the green math one on the bottom.

What do you think????


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