Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bucket Filling Freebie

My favorite activity the week was when I read Have you Filled Your Bucket.

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I know a lot of people read that story, but I really was looking for a different one to read.  I couldn't find one in my library, so I read this one.  Anyone have a different bucket filler book?

Anyways...I read it to my class.  Then we made a chart showing bucket fillers vs. bucket dippers.  I love making charts with this class already!

I then explained this bucket filler form.  I have a box from Really Good Stuff that is called a compliment box.  I just decided to use that for my class bucket since it had positive words all over it.  I explained to the class that they needed to be sneaky and catch other students being bucket fillers.  Then they would fill out the form and put it in the box.

Really Good Compliment Kit

Friday we read a few that were in the box.  The smiles on those faces were priceless.  I have a punch card for each student.  I am using the one called Frequently Fabulous from this set by Creative Teaching Press.  Every time they receive a compliment in the box, I will punch the card.  When they fill it up, they will earn a prize.

Click here to view larger image

They LOVED it.  I've done bucket filling before, but never the punch cards and sharing them with the class.  This is now a permanent part of my Friday afternoons.

If you are interested, click on the picture below to get my bucket filling sheet the children fill out for each other.

Happy Bucket Filling Everyone!


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