Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classroom Pictures - Day 1

I finally have some pictures of my classroom.  Now remember...I am doing a mystery theme, but I also used polka dots too.  I used the black border with dots from CTP for all my boards.  I then used a plain color for each board on the behind the black (looks so much better)!  I made headers for each of my board tying in my mystery theme.  And also remember....I moved into a smaller classroom this year.  So I had to start all over with where to put stuff and how to fit in all my bulletin boards.

This is my social studies board.  I am using a new curriculum this year.  I start the year off teaching about colonial life and the revolutionary war.  I use blue for social studies.  This includes bins for center activities and notebooks.  My header says:  Hot on the trail of social studies facts!  I also made a sign that says Revolutionary War (I hate putting bulletin board letters on my board...too much time finding the right letters and too many staples on my board)!  I couldn't bring myself to putting Pilgrims on here (it is only August) so I compromised and made the cute dog in the bottom right corner wearing a pilgrim type hat!

Here is my science board.  I use yellow for science.  I teach life cycles and cells for my first chapter in science.  See my new Lakeshore nonfiction/science comprehension center???  I have the yellow bin there to put learning centers/activities.  My header says:  Let's investigate science!  I don't know if you can see my chapter header, but it says:  Types of Living Things and it also has the Big Idea for the chapter on the sign.  The little signs on the left are my scientific method signs.

Here are my whole brain teaching signs (thank you to Stephanie from Third Grade Thoughts).  She has so many great things about whole brain teaching you really need to check it out.  I made my own sign that said "Ready? Set. Go!".  The rest are from Stephanie.  I thought they looked super cute by the cursive alphabet line.

Here are the rest of the whole brain teaching signs.  If you go to her blog, there is even a video that shows you how to teach with these posters.  Super cute video!

That's it for today.  Tomorrow I will show you some more of my classroom. 

One more thing...I jumped on the Teachers Pay Teachers bandwagon.  They are having their BIG back to school sale and I decided to join in the fun with my first sale.  Everything in my store is 20% off! Stop by my store and pick up some new items.   Have a great night!


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