Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from Arlington and a Freebie

Hello everybody!  I am finally back from Arlington, Virginia.  Can I tell you how exhausted I was?  We left at around 3:30 pm on Thursday night and drove straight through.  Yes...12 hours!  We got into Arlington around 5:30 in the morning and had to find a restaurant open to have breakfast to kill time.  Then we left on Sunday morning at 8:45 am and got home around 8:30 pm!

So why did I go to Arlington?  My nephew was having his 4th birthday.  We normally would not have gone (especially with school starting next week), but when your 4 year old nephew calls you personally to invite you to his party....well what's a 12 hour drive, right???

We also got to attend my sister in laws retirement ceremony as am officer in the Coast Guard.  Oh my gosh how wonderful that was.  Not being in the military you kinda forget about all the regulations and ceremonial stuff that goes into things like that.  It was really nice and we were so happy we could attend.

We also got to see some of the Washington, DC sites.  I LOVE visiting DC.  It really gets you in the teaching history mood!

Now on to some blogging ketchup (heehee I mean catch up)!  I missed Monday made it, but I figured all my classroom photos kinda counted!

Here is a little freebie.  I use this coupon to give my students on their birthdays.  It is for no homework.  I hope you can use it.  Birthday Coupon

And don't forget to sign up to be a follower on Tonya's blog.  She is getting near her 500 mark and she has over 18 blogger friends plus herself donating to her giveaway!

One more thing...thanks for the nice comments about my classroom.  It was the first time I showed off my classroom and I was a little nervous about sharing.  So for those blogger friends who commented...much love and a giant THANK YOU!


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