Friday, August 10, 2012

Classroom Pictures - Day 2

Hello everyone.  Today I will show you some more pictures of my classroom.  I tried using the schedule thing for posting this, so hopefully it works.  My son and I are in Arlington, Virginia for my niece and nephew's birthday parties.  A last minute trip that I didn't know I was gong to take.  But when you have a 4 and 7 year old asking if you and their cousin can make it...well what's a little 12 hour car ride?  Right?????

Here is my writing/English board.  It is red and I have a red bin here to hold my writing activities and my shared writing binders.  I used my Let's Bake Up Some Great Writing on the board.  I will have mini clothespins that the students will use to show where they are in the writing process.  My header says:  Inspect good writing traits!  I have the 6 traits writing posters above this board, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Here is my behavior clip chart.  I don't keep it in the front of the room.  I usually use clothespins for the clip chart, but this year looks like I may have too many students.  So I'm using numbers with sticky tack on them for the students to move around with. I think hope they will all fit!

Here is the board I use to show student work (which is why it is blank).  I used green for this board.  Above the board are my How are you feeling about this topic? posters.  The small board I'll explain down one picture.

Here is my character education board.  My school uses PBIS as our district wide behavior.  Even though that is our district plan, I feel the need to still talk about character education traits.  On the top of the board I use different Argus posters to show a thought of the week.  I change it weekly.  To go along with that, I've added a character trait of the week.  I printed these awesome posters from Lisa Richling at TPT called Kids of Character: Character Education for Every Week of the School Year and I will change those once a week also.  On the bottom of this board are little library pockets that match my polka dots.  This is where I will keep track of the group that earned the most points each day.  I will show the buckets that go on their desks to collect points all day long another day.
And to the board is my mystery themed job chart.  Don't you just love the polka dots?! I use velcro to attach little magnifying glasses with each student's name to change the jobs.  I change my jobs every two weeks (I find this a lot more manageable).

Well, that's all for now.  I'll show more tomorrow!  Don’t forget about the BIG back to school sale from Teachers Pay Teachers.  Everything in my store is20% off! Stop by my store and pick up some new items. Have a great night!


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