Saturday, August 11, 2012

Classroom Pictures - Day 3

Hello everyone!  I'm still in Arlington, Virginia and using the schedule thingy from blogger so hopefully it'll work.  I have some more pictures of my classroom and a cool idea I came up with.

Here are my attendance boards.  As I showed in an earlier post, I made these from a magnetic chart that stands up.  On one it says:  whoooo is absent today (that one has all their number magnets on) and the other one says:  whoooo is here today?  The children will come into the room and move their button magnet to the here side.  One of my jobs is an attendance clerk.  They will tell me who is absent and they will also move back all the numbers onto the starting chart at the end of the day.  That way I'm ready for the next morning.  The basket to the right is where my students will put notes to me (of course it is blue, green, and has polka dots).

Here is under the chalkboard. Please don't mind the extension cord (I had a fan running because the air wasn't on in the classrooms yet) and the wonderful artistic rendering of Super Mario Brothers that my son drew on the board!  But anyways...I have my Wonder Wall, Vocabulary Treasure, and my Book Nook posters under there.  I still need to put all the board stuff up like:  homework list, pocket charts for spelling and vocabulary, schedule, etc...but I can't erase that drawing yet!

Here is my math board.  Coming down the pole are my math common core vocabulary from Ashleigh.  I decided to put them on ribbon together by topic.  I think the spot turned out great!  On top of the coat racks are the student's art buckets.  This is where their extra school supplies "live" since they don't fit in their desks. here is my great idea...I teach third grade.  Anyone who teaches third grade knows that the state tests are brutal for our third graders.  I usually take up 1 1/2 walls of space just to put up all the math posters I will need for the year.  Well since I moved to a smaller room, I didn't have the space.  So I thought about it for a long time and it finally hit me.  On the wall I have the unit I am currently teaching, so this first unit is place value, comparing numbers, and money.  Then on the hook I have all the posters I will use to teach math all year long.  The students can flip to any poster if they need refreshing and I can leave them there for the state testing because they are already up in my room.  Isn't that a great idea?  I punched a hole in the top left corner of each poster and used a rubber band to hang it on the hook.  My seven year old flipped around the posters to make sure they would be secure and it was easy enough for him to find a poster worked!  I am soooo excited about this!  What do you think?

 Well, that's it for today.  I'll show you some more tomorrow.And don’t forget about the BIG back to school sale from Teachers Pay Teachers.  Everything in my store is20% off! Stop by my store and pick up some new items. Have a great night!


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