Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week

So I made it!  Two full day institutes and 3 full days with the kids.  I can't believe we made it!  Now if I can just get through with Open House Tuesday night (or should I say make it through the long day on Wednesday after a LONG Tuesday night).

The first three full days - what did I do?  Well, we check in the mountains of supplies, did some fun getting to know you activities, and even had time for some learning.  I usually do different academic assessments to see where my new students are.  You know 5 minute addition and subtraction test to see if they know their basic facts.  Reading a story to see if they remember story elements.

We read Miss Nelson is Missing and shared what a great teacher would look like and what a mean teacher would look like.  We even made a chart showing these traits and what the students would look like to match the teacher (that was a lot of fun hearing what they thought they would look like).

And how was your first week????


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