Sunday, June 9, 2013

Best Little Pencil Sharpener

I just tried the best little pencil sharpener ever!  No really....I did!  I've seen these all over on blogs and Pinterest-
I wondered if they really worked.  I mean quiet and it works??  I decided to try it out in my classroom.  I couldn't believe to try and I got to pick the color!
I chose blue to match my room theme (crazy, but yes they have lots of colors for you to pick from)
Cool Blue
and because I thought the color would be fun.  Does it work...keep reading. 
I have those fun little OLD gadgets in my classroom that is mounted on the wall-
The kiddos do NOT like using it.  So they use my electric one.  I don't know about you, but I am so tired of buying a new sharpener once sometimes twice a year because they burn out too quickly. 
I also have individual sharpeners that students have in their desks, but then they are always sharpening.  ANNOYING!!!
So I tried it out with my son at home first.  He LOVED it!  It was so easy to use and it really worked.  Then I tried it out with my kiddos.  It worked so well! 
It is super quiet.  Every time that I used it, it sharpened the pencil to a wonderful sharp point.  Every time!
So my final recommendation -  I recommend everyone going on this website and buying one.  It will be one of the best items you will buy for your classroom this summer.  And at $24.99, it may be one of the cheapest!
Click on the picture to go right to their website.


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