Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adjective Fun

Adjective fun???  Really??? on.  When I teach adjectives, I always start out simple.  I read the story Hairy, Scary, Ordinary:  What is an Adjective?
Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What Is an Adjective? (Words Are Categorical)
Then I give them my cute webs where they have to describe the middle picture.  They sure love getting a paper with adorable colored graphics, don't they?  I have different ones that so that the children can work in a group of 2 and not have the same middle graphic.  Some of the ones I use are:  hot chocolate, cupcake, pizza, chocolate, birthday party, etc.
The next day I have them work in a group of 3.  They get a snowflake pattern and a bunch of magazines.  They have to find words that describe winter in the magazines and then cut them out and glue them to the snowflake.  It's kinda trick, especially when I don't have many magazines from the winter seasons...mostly summer, but they did it (I really have to get more magazines!).  When they are all done, they have to put their names on the paper using an adjective to describe themselves before their name.  That was fun!  Some of the adjectives they used to describe themselves were:  loud, annoying, amazing, adorable, pretty, and funny.  Too cute!

Here is a picture of the finished snowflakes on my bulletin board. 
Aren't they lovely, amazing, adorable, blue...oh okay you get the idea! 



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