Sunday, January 6, 2013

There Was a Cold Lady FREEBIE

Hi Everyone.  I can't believe I start back to work on Monday.  Where did Winter Break go???  I've had so much fun with my buddy (my 7 1/2 year old) that it's hard to send him back to second grade!  :(  Oh well...time to start thinking ahead to the bright smiling 20 third graders I'll be seeing on Monday.  Right... positive... right????

If you are a follower of mine then you know that I LOVE the I Know an Old Lady... books.  I read them to my class all throughout the year.  Since I know we will be super busy the first week of school (end of the 2nd quarter, NWEA testing, PBIS assembly, etc...) I decided to change things up a little this time.

I made a cute partner reading center activity.  I will have the students read the book together with a partner.  Then they will choose one person to be the "guesser" and one person to be the "checker".  The guesser's job is to put the pictures from the story in sequence order from memory.  The checker's job is to use the book to check the answers.

Here is a picture of what the pages look like. 

I'm thinking the students will have fun doing the winter story together in a center format this time.  And this way, they are working together on their sequencing skills and using the text (common core... sneaking huh)???

If you would like a copy, I will email it to you.  (I will email it to the first 10 bloggy friends who leave me their email address and comment below).

For everyone starting back on Monday or who started back last week...Have a wonderful, productive, and rewarding week back with your class!  :)


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