Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love Is... A Cute Bulletin Board

Here is a cute bulletin board that I like to put on my classroom door for valentine's day.  I worked on it with my class last week.

With third graders as soon as you mention LOVE you hear EWWWW.  After that initial "stop saying that discussion" we then talk about what love really is.  Examples I use are:  a hug from mom, a high five from dad, cookies cooking when I get home, a sloppy wet kiss from my dog...  Once I start that discussion then look out - ideas just start coming.

Here is the sign I put on the door.
Here are the hearts that my students wrote on. 

It's always a lot of fun to do this activity and see what LOVE means to them.  There are always a few that touch my heart.  Here is what one student wrote:  "Love is...doing my best on something and seeing my teacher smile!"  AWWW...they are so sweet, especially around Valentine's day!
Here is a picture of the finished door...
Isn't it "LOVE"ly???


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