Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Bowl

Are you ready for some football???  I made these cute signs to put up in my classroom. 

I had the students write their names on index cards and write a reason why they are predicting that team to win.  They didn't think I would make them "work" (by writing a reason for their prediction) when they were graphing.  But I have to take every teaching moment I can, don't I???  And besides, they did so good with predicting when  I read them The Little Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow (posted a couple days ago).

If you are interested, in getting these posters for free, please leave me your email.  I will randomly choose 5 winners.

By the way...aren't the graphics adorable???  I got them from Mrs. Messenger on TPT.  Go check out her store...super cute stuff!

I am sending 7 sets of these posters to the lovely bloggers who left me comments on them!  Thanks everyone and I hope your class enjoys them!


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