Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marble Party

If you have been following my blog, you know that my school is a PBIS school.  I have been on our PBIS committee for two years now.  We try to keep things exciting for the children.  Last year we had small little plastic jars with regular sized marbles.  Once the class earned 25 marbles and filled the jar, they received a marble party.  They didn't really seem to get into it.

This year I made a HUGE marble jar.  It really is working out well.  I used large practice golf balls for my marbles.  We have filled our marble jar 3 times already this year!  I think the visual really is helping out with their excitement.

Here is my marble jar this year.

Each time the class receives 25 marbles for showing our PBIS expectations, they can earn a marble reward.  We call it a marble party.  The class votes on what they want to do.  This was our third time this year and the class voted for the same thing...for the third time in a row!  They wanted to be in pajamas, slippers, and have a toy party.  Some of the girls made jewelry, some boys played Beyblades or Angry Birds, and I even had a remote control car driving around!

They had a ball and I had so much fun sneaking around watching!  Does your school use PBIS??? 


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