Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best Winter Activity Argument Writing

A week or so ago I blogged about my new writing set I made.  This was the first time I attempted a writing activity with my students using the common core new guidelines specifically.  What I use to call persuade is now an argument.

They had to write about their favorite winter activity and make an argument on why it is the best.  We had discussions about what an argument was vs. what an argumentative writing essay was (that was a fun discussion).

I explained it by telling them to picture someone who lives in Hawaii coming to Illinois for the first time.  They only had a short time in our cold state, so what should they do.

Here are two samples:

Since you probably can't read this, let me tell you this student's introduction.
"Have you ever gone ice skating before?  I will tell you why ice skating is the best winter activity ever!"

And here is another one: "If you're from a warm state, country, or
if you're just bored you should try ice hockey. It is the best winter fun thing to do."
Aren't they cute???  They had to continue on writing using their graphic organizer and four boxes to guide them.  Some of them wound up writing a 6 paragraph essay...and they were enjoying themselves...I don't know what has gotten into my class lately, but boy am I a happy little teacher!

If you want to see what this writing activity looks like, please click either my TPT store or my TN store.


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