Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Door

Here is a quick post of what my door looks like for January.  I needed to blog about it now because I'm going to change it over to valentine's day this week.  Had to get it on here before I changed it (especially since I already have it scheduled to blog this week-heehee)!

Before we leave for Winter Break, we discuss how we can keep things going for the new year.  Since we have just finished 2nd quarter, this always falls at the right time.  We discuss things like:  study for all tests, turn in homework, don't annoy the teacher (love that one!), etc.

They get to pick partners and make themselves on a sled.  Sometimes there are two students on a sled, sometimes three, depending on their group size.  After they drew themselves, they then have to write a tip for not letting their grades go downhill.

Here is a picture of my classroom door.  I make a snow mountain out of white paper.  My sign says:  Don't let your work go "Downhill".  Whatcha think?  SNOW-tastice, right???


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