Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reindeer Writing

I used this cute Rudolph art project that I got from Amy from Step Into Second Grade  (click on the picture to go to TPT to download this freebie).

Reindeer Craft

I had my students color their reindeer any way they wanted.  They could decide where they wanted to put bow (to make it a boy or girl), what color they wanted the nose (Rudolph, a regular reindeer), etc.  Then they glued it onto a piece of construction paper and decorated a background scene.  I was sneaky...I didn't tell them why (don't you just love being sneaky with your students...I do!).

The next day I gave them back to the class and told them to write a story about their reindeer.  I told them they could write anything they wanted.  I gave them the writing paper and they were so excited.  I don't normally give them a free writing project (too much state test prep), so this was sooooo much fun.  Can you imagine the conversations I heard about their reindeer's adventure??? Too cute!  Here is a picture of the writing paper I gave them.

Here are some of the papers the students turned in..



Aren't they cute???


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