Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Character Education

I wanted to share how my character education board and program are working so far this year.  This first picture is of my bulletin board.  I have it on the main board in my classroom, right in front of them all day long.  I change my thought of the week poster each week to match my character trait of the week.  The Character Traits of the Week came from Lisa Richling.
Kids of Character: Character Education for Every Week of t
Here is the bulletin board.
I like to use table points to reward good behaviors.  Instead of using a points board or part of my chalkboard to record points, I decided to use warm fuzzies.  I have these cute little buckets on each group.  When someone in the group is following class expectations, I tell them they deserve a warm fuzzy from me (boy do my third graders smile from ear to ear when they get to add a warm fuzzy to their bucket each time)!  At the end of the day we do a "Warm Fuzzy Count". 

The group that earned the most warm fuzzies throughout the day gets a red strip in their pocket.  The group with the most red strips at the end of the week gets a bunch on their behavior card.  Once their behavior card is full of punches, they will earn a reward scratch off ticket.

Here are the pockets for each group.  I am amazed how well this is working out.  My students nag me remind me at the end of each day if I don't remember to do the warm fuzzy count.  It is really working out well, and I love hearing my class talking about warm fuzzies!!!  :)


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