Monday, October 1, 2012

Monthly Monday Made It

I joined up for Tara's Monthly Made It.  Click on her picture here to see all of the bloggers who linked up.

First I made my Halloween ABC Order.  A quick thank you goes to all the bloggers who commented on my blog yesterday.  I got kinda lonely.  Some wonderful bloggers commented on my blog and picked this up for free.  My students were struggling with ABC order, so I made this for a center activity.

I also made some fun Halloween/Fall writing activities. 
Halloween Writing

Fall Descriptive Writing
Apple-tastic Descriptive Writing
And finally...
I showed these on my blog not too long ago, but I thought I'd show them here.  They are my reading and math center rotation charts.

This is my math one....and here is my reading one.
That's all for tonight.  Have a great night-


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