Monday, October 22, 2012

Art Gallery

My school has a program called AVIC (Art in the Classroom).  Parent volunteers come in once every other month to talk about an artist.  The first one of this year had my class learning about George Seurat (who happens to be one of my favorites).  I have this really cool book by Dover that the kids can color an actual masterpiece.  So after they painted their own "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" with the AVIC parents, I had them start working on this one in the classroom.  I had them use markers and dots only!  They were not big fans in the beginning.  I gave them like 2 weeks to work on this project in their spare time.  I had only 6 children turn them in, but I think they turned out fabulous.  I told my students that anyone who turned them in, completely dotting in all areas, would go in the hallway in our class art gallery.  Here are the final 6...aren't they beautiful!!

 I just had to share them.  I'm so proud of the 6 students who did not give up!  And their masterpieces look fantastic!


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