Monday, October 8, 2012

Marble Party

Okay so my kiddos won their first marble party of the year!  YEAH!  Whenever my class goes to a special class (art, music, computers, gym, library, recess, lunch) they can earn a marble for good behavior.  Our whole school uses this program (it is part of PBIS).  Last year I used a small jar that was only a few inches tall.  The children really lost interest in it fast.  Probably because the size was so small.

This year I made a new jar.  I blogged about it in the summer.  You can see my post below.  This is what it looks like full.  I sticky tac it onto the shelf...that way it won't fall and spill all over!

When we get back to school tomorrow, we will have to vote for a class activity.  Does anyone have any great ideas to share with me???  I don't really want to wear pjs and have a popcorn party.  Any suggestions would be WELCOME!!!!!

Thank you for the advance!  :)


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