Sunday, October 14, 2012


Third grade is heavy on figurative language.  I introduce similes with these posters.  I put them up on a bulletin board a week before I discuss it with the class (generates interest).  If someone asks me a question about them, I just say "You'll have to wait and see".  This drives them crazy. 

Then we discuss how did they feel when I wouldn't tell them what the posters mean.  We have a great class discussion.  They say things like:  crazy like a fox, crazy like a Will E Coyote, crazy like a skunk...etc.  This I tell them is a simile.  We then discuss all the posters and the kids work in groups to make their own simile.  I collect their papers, tweak anything that is not a simile, and then pass them back the next day.  The groups then make a poster and I hang it up on the board next to my posters.  This is also a great time to teach character education tied to similes.  

How do you teach similes?


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