Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reading Journals

I started something new this year.  Instead of writing a journal topic on the board in the morning (which I tend to forget to write up the night before and it is too late once the kids walk in the morning)...I decided to type them up instead.   I also realized that when I send home a journal or share it with parents at conference time you can't always tell what it was the students were supposed to write about.  Having the little strip of paper on each page is easier to share.

I type out what I want my kiddos to write about for the reading selection for the week.  I then print them out, cut them out and glue them into their journals.  I bought those black composition notebooks that have the poly cover and printed out a cute label (using ScrappinDoodles graphics).  They are holding up so nice! 

Here are some examples:

It is working so nice, that I am doing the same thing for science and social studies learning logs as well.  It makes it so much easier.


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