Friday, October 5, 2012

Columbus Fun

I know everybody does something about Christopher Columbus.  Well today I did an activity that was so much fun.  We had a nice discussion to see what the students knew about Columbus.  Some good answers:  he discovered America, he had three ships, he left from Spain, and of course the typical third grade response..."he's the guy who we love cuz we get a day off of school".  Gotta love my class.  They are such a funny group.

But anyway...we then started talking about discovering a new land.  We had fun with this one too!  Here is the worksheet we used.


Here are some examples of what my kiddos came up with:
This is the sign on the bulletin board I put them on.

Peace Land

Bat Land

Mustache Land

Pizza Land

Cat Land

Pumpkin Land
  Just wanted to share a few.  I thought they turned out really cute!  Hope the Columbus activity you did with your students turned out well, too!  :)


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