Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween FREEBIE

I reviewed dictionary skills recently.  My third graders acted like they never used a dictionary before.  AHHHH.  So needles to say, I spent some time reviewing dictionary skills and guide words. 

That went better, but then I went into ABC order (which at third grade should be a review) and boy was it disappointing.  They don't seem to remember how to put words in ABC order.  To help review without taking any more time in whole class, I made this fun ABC Order game for my centers. 

I'm feeling kinda lonely lately because I'm not really getting any comments lately,  so until tomorrow, if you are interested in a free copy, please leave me a comment about what seems to be a tough topic for your students this year.  You will need to also leave me your email address and I will send it to you for FREE. 

Remember...tell me a tough topic for your students right now and leave your email.  Comment and leave me your email before 5:00 Monday evening.  After that it will be for sale in my TPT store.  Thanks and I hope to "hear" from you all soon!  :)


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