Monday, March 4, 2013

Test Taking Bulletin Board

We start state testing this week!  If you read my blog last week, you read that my school district isn't going as crazy preparing as we used to.  Due to the common core test PARCC coming, we are going to see how our students do with our curriculum and not with coach books.  Fingers crossed...
One thing I had my students do was come up with test taking hints.  The students had to come up with an IDEA to help the class out with test taking.  Here is a picture of the board and some of the light bulbs.
This one is a great picture of breakfast...including bacon!

This one is says "On ISAT you should do your best on the test and study as hard as you can.  And remember that you can do it."
Can't you just hear their teacher coming through??? 
For all you teachers testing the next two weeks....good luck!


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