Friday, March 22, 2013

HELP...Comments on TPT Make Me Sad

Hi everyone.  I need some HELP!  I'm feeling a little sad.  Why do some people leave not very nice comments on TPT?  I really work hard on every item that I put in my store.  And it takes a lot of nerve putting things on TPT or on my blog in the first place.

Some people leave not nice comments when an item is FREE...or they don't leave any comments at all.  Or they rate things lower than 4.0 and never leave me a comment as to why it isn't 4.0.  I would so love to help them if there is something wrong with a product.

I just had someone leave me a comment complaining that I have St. Patty's Day on a banner and not St. Patrick's after the saint.  I would have loved to explain why I cannot have saints in my public school classroom and St Patty's Day is allowed.  But I didn't get a chance...instead I have that comment sitting there forever! 

I don't know....maybe I should stop trying to put things on TPT???  Do you every feel like this?  I mean my store is only about 8 months old, but it is beginning to make me sad...

HELP!!!  How do you all deal with negative comments or ratings?  I'm beginning to feel like I stink at all of this...blogging....TPT....TN...  :(


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