Saturday, March 9, 2013

Monday Made It


I haven't linked up for this in awhile.  I find it hard to keep up with it all during the school year.  How about you?  But I did it for this month!

Here is what I've been up to at home.  Digital Scrapbooking....oh my gosh how fun my son and I are having with this.  We make everything in PowerPoint and then we print it out to put into a scrapbook.  I don't know about you, but I used to LOVE to scrapbook.  I found that I couldn't keep up with it.  So around Halloween I started playing around with all the cute background paper and clip art I buy.  My son got into it and....tada! 

Here is one with some of my son's Angry Bird collection!

Here is my nice beautiful cast!

And of course our Elf on a Shelf!
I can't believe how easy it is to keep up with pictures.  I have almost all of this school year done.  I don't have a couple of years before this one done, but that will come. 

And here is some school stuff- I recently blogged about how I just figured out how to make pennant banners. YEAH!!!  I know, the simple things that get us excited!  I'm so happy with how they turned out.  I made one for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Spring.

Here is a picture of the St. Patrick's Day one I put up on my chalkboard.  Sorry...I couldn't fit it in one picture. 

I taped bright colored ribbon on the backs so they would be easier to hang.  They lay better with the tape then glue, I found.  My students thought it was super cute...and they are excited because I told them I would be changing them each season.

And here are some motivational posters I made for my classroom.  I think they turned out well...and my students look forward to what I will be putting up the next week!

Thanks again 4th Grade Frolics for hosting this great linky.  I hope everyone has a great week.  Only 3 more days of state testing for us...UGGG.  :)



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