Sunday, March 17, 2013

Misc March Stuff

Happy St. Patrick's Day my wee little friends!  I wanted to share some cute projects my students did for St. Patrick's Day.
This is a symmetry project I do. The students cut out the white leprechaun paper and glue it's symmetrical match on the other side.

 If the students wanted to add details to their leprechaun, they had to add it to both sides. This way it was symmetrical. Here is a picture of one of my student's creations.

Every month we do a glyph.  I LOVE glyphs!  Here is our St. Patrick's Day one.  Some of my students wanted to accordion fold their shamrock's arms.

Here is one of my student's creation...

And here is another one...

What fun projects have you done for St. Patrick's Day? 


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