Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Constellations

Have your read the story Coyote Places the Stars?  Well we just read it.  It is a cute native American tale about how a coyote placed stars and made the constellations.

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An activity I like to do with this story is having the students make their own constellations.  It is so much fun!  First, I pass out a strip of sticker stars.

Then they have to connect the stars.

After they are connected, they have to get up (to throw away the sticker wrapper). 
They have to look at their paper to see what they visualize. 

Once they visualize their constellation, they add details and a title. 

And finally...the completed hallway bulletin board. 

I also had them write a creative writing essay about their constellation.  I told them to enjoy this creative writing time, since in third grade it doesn't always happen!  :)
The students had so much fun. And this is a way I can sneak in visualizing and constellations (especially since we don't get to teach space anymore at third grade)!
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