Monday, March 25, 2013

DWTT and 300 Giveaway

For the last three years our school district has had a Dancing with the Teachers fundraising contest.  A teacher from each building in our district signs up, gets a professional dancing partner from Fred Astaire Studio, and performs in front of our school district.  The teachers can write grants to get supplies for their classrooms.  It has been a GIANT fundraiser each year.  The first year, my third grade team got over $600 in Lakeshore center supplies!

This was the first year I went.  My mom, son, and I went. we have a ball! My school's dancer was a second grade teacher.  My son's school was the music teacher (and he was the only man in the contest).

The dancers have to promote different fundraisers for a couple months before the big contest.  One of my son's fundraiser was for the class that brought in the most money for 1 week and if his teacher wins the contest, the grade level will have a dance party and the teacher will shave his head into a Mohawk!  Another one for him was to buy these glasses (they look just like his music teacher's glasses)!

Here is a picture of my son and his Grammie wearing their glasses and spirit wear!

 Today was the big day.  We have 4 elementary schools, 1 5-6th grade building, and our Jr. High.  So there were 6 dancers.  My son and his Grammie were all decked out in their school spirit wear.  I was in a tough situation.  I didn't want to not support my school, but I couldn't wear my son's school I wore blue for my school, but not spirit wear.  Then we got to the cheering.  I had to cheer for both schools.

Well...after all the other dancers danced, my son's music teacher was last.  He was fantastic!  I told my teacher friends I was going to cheer for both, but after he danced....I threw all loyalty out the window.  My school's dancer got a 8, 7, and 9.  My son's dancer got a 10, 10, and 10.  A perfect score!  The only perfect score of the evening!

And guess what.  It was an even split.  My school won a check for $1,000 for the most fundraising money raised.  My son's school won the mirror ball trophy!

What a great time!  A super way to spend a Sunday afternoon with two of my favorite people and my school friends!  Now I need to write my grant up so that I can get some goodies for my classroom!  And my son reminded me...he gets to be the grade that gets to watch his music teacher shave his head and have a dance party!  Oh boy....I feel bad for that teacher!  Luckily it is a man!

And by the way....did you enter my super giveaway yet?  You have until Sunday to enter.  Click on the picture to go directly there!


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