Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Third Grade Was a Picnic

One day last week, I told the class that we were going to do our last bulletin board.  I can't believe the screams I got.  And of course my principal happened to be walking down the hallway at the time and came in to see what was going on.  I told him what happened and he once again said, "Only in your classroom!"  I wish I had a nickel for every time he said that to me this year, I could probably retire early!

Well, back to the bulletin board.  I made this cute lined paper that has a plate, picnic blanket, and a fork on it.  The kiddos had to write what they liked about third grade on the lines and then draw a picture of it.  I stapled them to the bulletin board.

The little pictures on the sticks I found in the Target dollar section.  Aren't they super cute???

Here is the completed bulletin board.
Here are some of the student's papers.
This is me...don't I look cute??

This student couldn't pick just one so he picked three things and split his plate.

This student couldn't choose 1 so she picked four and split her plate!

This one isn't the cutest, but the kiddo said that he met his best friend in third grade...so sweet! 
Well that's my last bulletin board...kinda sad.  This group of kiddos was very trying, exhausting, funny, lovable, and I'm going to miss them so! 
Now I have to start thinking about packing things up.  If you are interested, this activity including some of the pictures I have on the board will be in my end of the year set on TPT.  I haven't had time to post it yet, so sorry...but it's on my to do list!


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