Sunday, May 12, 2013

What a Wonderful Week

I hope you all had a wonderful Teachers' Appreciation Week last week.  I know I enjoyed both the week and the sale on TPT!

I just wanted to share my wonderful week.  Our parent organization kept everything secret from us.  They sent us a questionnaire a week before to find out some of our favorites.  Then they compiled that all together and sent that information home to the parents a few days before to let them know what was going on.  We didn't find out until each morning.  Here is what they did-

On Monday, the parent organization treated us to a wonderful brunch.  It was A-mazing!

On Tuesday, they told the parents what our favorite flower was.  The students came in that morning handing their teacher a flower.  Some of my darlings gave me more than one.  One student gave me a dozen.  Of course one of my girls had to count them all.  Guess how many...38!  The students kept saying I looked like Miss America!  I told them they made me feel like Miss America!


That same morning the parent organization came in with the pencil vase that is all over Pinterest (and which I've been wanting to make all year long).  I had so many flowers I had to use their vase and a huge pencil bucket!




On Wednesday, the students came in wearing their teacher's favorite color.  My favorite color is purple.  It was so cute seeing my class wearing purple, even the boys!  One of my boys said he didn't have anything purple, so he made this shirt...

After giving him a huge hug, he said..."Smell my shirt."  I said, "Excuse me???"
  He said, "No, really."  So what did I do????   I smelled his shirt. 
He used smelly markers so it smelled like grape!  Funny moment!

On Thursday, we had a basket (in our favorite color again) full of new school supplies!  I forgot to take a picture of this.  And they refilled our work room with new supplies too, even a new electronic stapler!

On Friday, we had a new geranium to plant (since we plant the seeds with our students).

We had all this done AND we had a special luncheon EVERY DAY!  We didn't need to pack a lunch for the entire week! 

I have to say....what a wonderful feeling to know that you are truly appreciated!


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