Saturday, May 18, 2013

On the Road to 4th Grade

Here is my last hallway decoration for the year.  Oh my goodness....last???  Where did the year go?

The students had to write what they are really looking forward to in fourth grade.  They wrote it on the car, wrote their name on the door handle, and drew a picture of themselves driving the car.  I told them how the fourth grade teachers will be looking at these VERY closely to see what they have coming next year (aren't we awful doing that to our students!  :)

I taped them on a road on the wall outside our classroom and point them going down to the fourth grade classrooms.  I have a sign saying "On the Road to Fourth Grade".

Here is our road.  You can't see all 20 cars, but you can get the idea of how it looks.

Here is a close up of the road.  Didn't it turn out cute???
I can't believe the end is quickly!  I have 9 days left!!!  How many do you have left?


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