Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fractured Tales - The End

This week we read our final story The Three Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark.  I'm sad to say it is over.   The kids had so much fun with this theme (which is why we always do it at the end of the school year).

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This story is about three pigs that live in Hawaii.  The wolf is replaced by a shark.  They make houses out of things like:  pili grass, driftwood, and lava rocks.  Some of the fun disguises the shark used were:  a shave ice man, a beach boy, and a lei salesmen. 

Since we live in Illinois, it was so fun exploring Hawaii with the class.  We researched Hawaii.  They worked on a fun book report that used cut outs of Hawaiian objects (like a pineapple for the problem, a palm tree for characters, etc).  The kiddos had a ball making their posters.

For our Fun Friday, we greeted each child with an "Aloha" and gave them a different color lei.  Later in the day we showed the students a instructional video on hula dancing.  We all got together and had  a luau.  We hula danced and played the limbo.  We even ate Popsicles while we pretended to be in Hawaii! 

Here they are reviewing the hula and then performing it with the video.

Too cute! 


    Check out the boy with the orange shirt and flower hat. 
He was ready to board the plane and fly out to Hawaii!  :)


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