Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fractured Tales - Week 2

It's time for week number 2 in my fractured tale unit.  This week we read the story The 3 Little Javelinas.

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This tale is fractured because it has the hairy pigs (javelinas) that live in the southwest and a coyote instead of a wolf.  They make houses out of tumbleweeds, cactus ribs, and adobe bricks.  Another fun story!

One activity we did was to have the students draw the three different types of houses the javelinas used in this story.  It was very in Illinois, the students had no idea what tumbleweeds, cactus ribs, and adobe were.  This was a great time to do some computer work and look up these things on our computer.  The students really enjoyed seeing these things come to life on the computer screen.  They had some knowledge then to really illustrate their pictures more realistically than the book showed.

The next thing we did was to discuss the Southwest area.  Once again...computers to the rescue.  After seeing different things from the Southwest, the students had to compare that setting to our own area here in Illinois.  The students made cute travel brochures of the southwest, using details from the story, our discussions, and their research.

This week's Fun Friday was to eat chips and salsa.  We wore sombreros and Southwest clothing.  Some of the students wore cowboy hats because it was the West (heehee- gotta love third graders). 

We borrowed maracas, tambourines, and shakers from our music teacher.  The children watched a YouTube video showing some high school students performing the Mexican Hat Dance.  We then got together with the other 2 third grade classes and performed the dance for each other, using the instruments and modeling the video.  I should have video taped it, but didn't think about it.  Oh my goodness was that fun!

Next week's story will be...The Three Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark.


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