Friday, February 8, 2013

Super Heroes + Writing = FUN

I just had to share this.  You know how each year your students are interested in something and it just escalates into a HUGE thing?  Well, this year it is Super Heroes.  It started with a few of my boys and then just went crazy.  A few of my boys are not very interested in writing.  So...I got to thinking....

I came up with these character cards (using Melonheadz graphics) on different Super Heroes.  I printed a small picture and taped it to a sheet of construction paper.  Then I printed their names on a small card using the Super Hero graphics from Dollar Doodles.

I had them graph for their favorite Super Hero.  I didn't tell them why.  All I said was that they had to pick on that they liked and knew something about.  That was last week and I didn't bring it up again (so evil, I know).

A couple days ago one of my students said "You know last week when you had us graph our favorite Super Hero?"  Yes...I said.  Then they said, "Are we gonna do anything else with that or was that it?"  I told them I was waiting to see if anyone remembered...which of course got a HUGE reaction from the class.  Like I remembered...I thought about it...etc.  (I just wanted to wait and build excitement).

Here is a picture of the charts with the Melonheadz graphic and
the Dollar Doodle name cards I made.

So I brought out the charts that they voted on.  That is the group they were going to work in.  They had to discuss their Super Hero and discuss the character traits that made them up.  We brainstormed things like:  super power, costume, villains, helpful, saves the world, etc.  It was such a fun discussion.

Then I had them start making a web of things they would have if they were a super hero.  Are you thinking where I was going with this activity?

Then they had to work in their group to...make their own super hero story!  They had to use a villain, a super power, a costume, all the things we talked about.  The excitement in my classroom was amazing!

Here is a picture of a group working on their story.  I used a writing page from

They have been working on these for 3 days already (almost 3 hours of class time) and they are so loving it!  They ask "We have a couple minutes of free time...can we PLEASE work on our Super Hero story???"  I mean they are asking me to write????   It is so wonderful.

Once they are done and I put them on a bulletin board, I will take a picture to share.  They should all be done next week.  It is such a fun activity...I'm so glad I thought of something to get these guys writing!

Oh more thing I did.  You know how with Whole Brain Teaching you use those fun little signs like:  Mac and Cheese, Everybody Freeze?  I made one that says:  "Have no fear...Good Behavior is Here!"  The students have to stand in a Super Hero pose when they say their part...too much fun to watch!
Here is a picture of the sign I have up on the board.  Like I cute watching
them all make their super hero pose!  :)


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