Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolate Part 2

I'm a couple days into my chocolate theme.  The kids have started reading their novels, The Chocolate Touch.  They are loving it!  Any time I can get away from the reading series for a few weeks makes us all happy.
I start out the theme by graphing our favorite chocolate item.  My 7 year old helped me make the graph.  Here is a picture of him helping me draw the lines.

He wanted to graph his choice, so he filled in a square.  The next day when I brought it into school, the kiddos were so excited that my son filled in his choice!  Isn't it amazing how our family becomes part of our class??  Any way...I got off topic.

I also have my students list different chocolate things.  Here is the list I have up.   They don't know it yet, but tomorrow they will be putting these chocolate words in ABC order!

We talk about where cacao beans grow.  This was my map lesson where the children had to label the 7 continents.  Then we had to label where cacao beans grow.  Here is my poster that we made together.  They have a printed map in their chocolate folders.


And my last picture is my finalized graph that the kids colored.  After we filled in our graph, they had to use the class data to make their own copy of the bar graph. 

I will share some more pictures from my chocolate unit in the coming days.


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