Tuesday, February 26, 2013

State Testing

Every year, after Christmas break, we break out our state testing coach books and start working with the kids.  Well, this year it is different.  We are focusing more on our NWEA testing and not the state tests.  This is due to the changes coming with common core and PARCC tests.

It feels a little weird...I mean I'm just teaching as usual.  Not cramming things into their little minds that they won't remember anyways.

So the tests start next week.  How do I feel....nervous.  I mean I know they won't do as well on them, but we've been told that is okay.  We want to focus on NWEA and implementing common core more.

I have been still working on extended response when it comes to math.  I mean what third grader really KNOWS how to explain how to answer a math question with words????

Another thing I do is make them positive bookmarks (they color them and I laminate them).  They keep them on their desks throughout the test. 

We also made our light bulb helpers.  They wrote an "idea" on what they should do for the test.

And finally I give them all a pencil that says "Do your best on the test".  Having done these few things...it makes them know how proud I will be with them.

Are you ready for state testing???? 


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